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Imagine if you could have a digital assistant (or a team of specialist assistants) for every employee on your rolls! Such assistants could do the routine, repetitive, drudgery-filled tasks for your employee thereby freeing up his day to enable him to focus on more creative, collaborative and problem solving / exception handling tasks!! That’s what can be achieved by using Robotic Process Automation.

All Business is People Business!

Freeing up your employees from tasks that bots can perform for them, you let your business refocus on what’s most important – people: the interactions with customers, the collaborations with other employees, ideation, creative problem solving – it all takes on a new meaning when the employee feels that his time and contribution is valued beyond the drudgery-filled tasks!

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People are already accostomed to using digital assistants in their daily lives; it is time to bring those assistants into the office too!

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How to achieve this nirvana!

Machine-learning based process automation tools allow syncing up various legacy systems in organizations into a cohesive end-to-end platform without incurring the sort of cost and time inputs required for a typical, large-scale software development project. The idea is to implement minimally invasive, key-hole surgery type, point solutions to string together existing legacy applications rather than to perform something like an open heart surgery on your legacy applications.

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We can help you implement process automation using off the shelf tools like UI Path, Automation Anywhere or Blue Prism. We also deploy bespoke point solutions using Python to help you achieve process automation and take the first steps towards RPA

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