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Data analysis is driving accelerated evolution of the workplace; allow us to help you in this digital transformation journey!

Data Analytics Service Provider
Business Analytics Services

Point Solutions

With the democratization of ML, we are now at the cusp of digitally enabling all of your employees with targeted Point Solutions to automate tasks at the individual level

Big Data Consulting

Self-service Analytics

We create bespoke data dashboards for your processes & departments, using which your experts can generate deep insights by leveraging your proprietary data

Big Data Analytics Services

IOT & Big Data

With the proliferation of IOT sensors and the advent of Big Data, we enable automated process monitoring and control for your enterprise using Edge Computing

What We DoBig Data Analytics Solutions

Big Data Analytics Tools


Robotic Process Automation

We leverage leading RPA tools like UI Path, Automation Anywhere and BluePrism to automate repetitive tasks for our clients; we have automated various processes like Invoice Processing, Claims Adjudication and Screenshot Analysis and Categorization for clients using RPA tools integrated with ML widgets.

Data Visualization Solutions


Natural Language Processing

Using NLP tools and modules within Python, we have successfully implemented multiple Chat Bots and automated text generation and analysis projects like Sentiment Analysis and Report Description (Annotations).

Business Intelligence Software


ML For Operations

We work in traditional statistical fields and generate analytics to support Demand Forecasting, Queue Forecasting, Predictive Maintenance and Heat-map Analysis for Conferences and Retail Stores. We also analyse data streams emanating from various IOT Sensors for real time analytics and Edge Computing.

Self Service Data Platform


ML For Finance

In the emerging uses of ML in Finance, we have engaged with Banking and Financial Services clients to deploy Fraud Detection mechanisms along with models for generating Credit Ratings and stress testing of accounts and positions for Regulatory Reporting.

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ML For Marketing

We analyse Credit Card and Purchase Data for our retail clients to generate Customer Segmentation reports and Personalized Marketing Campaigns; in addition we also perform Click Stream Analysis for eCommerce clients to maximize ROI for web applications

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We have been successfully delivering cutting edge analytics solutions and custom dashboards to diverse, global clients – from multinational banks to research institutes – for the last 5+ years that we’ve been in this business domain

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How It Works

Here’s a high level view the process elements that together constitute a typical data analysis and machine learning project at Moogle:

Self Service Data Analytics Platform

Problem Definition

We work with our clients and discuss their specific context with a view to leveraging data analysis and learning techniques to gain deep insights into their processes and problems

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Data Collection and Extraction

Our data warehousing team works with clients’ teams to define and implement the data collection, extraction and transformation strategy

Self Service Data Analytics Tools

Building, Training & Deployment

Once the problem domain is understood and the relevant data sets have been extracted, our machine learning experts build, train and fine-tune various models to fit the data and extract relevant insights

Robotic Process Automation

Visual Reporting & Dashboarding

Our user interface team works with client stakeholders to implement the relevant data insights in the form of visual, editable graphs and dashboards to help users explore the data in an intuitive, SQL-free environment

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